We’re already one quarter of the way through the year, but if you’re into running and road races, there are still plenty left that you can take part in this year. These events will have serious athletes and recreational runners alike reaching for their water bottles. And if you don’t feel ready for them just yet, take this as your reminder to start training for next year’s runs!

The following 30 running events will make all of your training and preparation worth the effort.

United Kingdom

Mixed Length

Bungay Festival of Running (5K, 10K, Half- and Full Marathon)

The Bungay Festival of Running takes place in the scenic Waveney Valley of Suffolk and Norfolk, and is organised by the Bungay Black Dog Running Club.

The 2020 Alton Water Run (2K, 5K and 10K)

Spectacular scenery surrounds this fantastic run, which takes place in the scenic Alton Water reservoir near the border between Suffolk and Essex. It’s accessible to all, with runs to suit all abilities and ages and a convenient location just 10 minutes from Ipswich.

Rotary Heritage Coast Run (6-Mile, Half- and Full Marathon)

With a goal of enabling walkers and runners from across the UK to enjoy the Suffolk coast in a new way, the Heritage Coast Run and Walk, or ‘Rotary Marathon’, takes place every year with runs of various lengths.

Virtual Easter Run (5K, 10K, Half- and Full Marathon)

Providing a solution to event cancellations during the COVID-19 crisis, Roy Castle are hosting their first virtual race this Easter Sunday, and participants can run wherever they are to avoid the crowds.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival (1K, 1.5K, 2K, 5K, 10K, Relay, Half- and Full Marathon)

Edinburgh’s first marathon event took place in 1982, and they must have enjoyed it because now they have a whole festival devoted to it! This event is governed by Scottish Athletics.


Medal Muddle Bromborough

Medal Muddle Bromborough is a little different from some of the other items on this list, in that it is primarily aimed at Couch-to-5K or inexperienced runners, actively inviting them to run in the event.

The Gosport 5k Summer Series

This race is ideal for experienced runners and beginners alike, and exists as a quick, out-and-back route on an accurately-measured 5K course.

Monthly Meadows 5KM Lunchtime Blast

The Monthly Meadows 5KM Lunchtime Blast is a relaxed affair that runs twice around the iconic Meadows in Edinburgh city centre. Its distance is described as 5km or ‘near as damn it’.


Easter Bunny

The 10K Easter Bunny race takes place each Easter Monday around the villages of West Camel, Yeovil.

The Running Bee Foundation Presents: The X-Trail 10K

This race is run across two country parks – Daisy Nook and Park Bridge – with a variety of different running terrains that will test runners of all levels.


United States of America


4.01K Race for Financial Fitness (4.01K)

The first 4.01K Race For Financial Fitness took place in Orlando, Florida, but the race today takes place in seven different cities all across the US. The race exists to bring attention to the many kids growing up without basic financial literacy, and is now in its fifth year.

Lilac Bloomsday Run (12K)

This event has run in Spokane, Washington, every year since 1977. It takes place on the first Sunday of every May.

The Dipsea Race (12.07K)

The oldest cross-country trail running event in the US, the Dipsea Race takes place each year in California.

Star Wars Rival Run Weekend (5K, 10K & Half-Marathon)

Taking place in Disney World Resort, Florida, this weekend event is an epic Star Wars extravaganza perfect for finally defeating your running nemesis.


  • Fog City Run.



  • Peachtree Road Race.
  • Bolder Boulder.



  • Popular®️ Brooklyn Half Marathon.



Missoula Marathon

The Missoula Marathon exists to share Missoula’s unique feel and beauty with runners from all over the world, and was founded by local non-profit Run Wild Missoula.

Flying Pig Marathon

Founded in 1999, the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is an annual race that takes place in Ohio on the first Sunday of May each year.

Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon began in 1897, inspired by the Summer Olympics of 1896. It’s hosted each year by one of several cities in greater Boston, Massachusetts, traditionally on the third Monday of April.

New York City Marathon

Coursing through the five boroughs of New York City, the annual New York City Marathon is a must-run for any serious runner.

Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon is one of the six World Marathon Majors and takes place in Chicago, Illinois every October.

Niagara Falls Marathon

This run was founded back in 1974 by a group of musicians from Buffalo. The race became bigger than the New York and Boston marathons within 2 years, when they hit 3,000 runners.


International Events

Maratón “Las Batallas de Celaya”

Celaya, Mexico.

Maratón Internacional de Mendoza.

Cacheuta Spa, Argentina.

International Marathon Alexander the Great.

Pella, Greece.

Comrades Marathon 2020.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The Big Five Marathon.

Entabeni Game Reserve, South Africa.

Paris Marathon.

Paris, France.

Your Wellbeing, Health and Stamina

Regular exercise is incredibly important, as any runner will know. For example, it’s recommended that teenagers get at least an hour of mild to vigorous physical exercise daily. The best benefit of all is the improvements regular exercise can make to your quality of life. After all, the key factor that illnesses like cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes have in common is that your risk of developing any one of them can be reduced through exertion and physical fitness.

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We’re already one quarter of the way through the year, but if you’re into running and road races, there are...
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